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Foundation Corner

The W.O.Bentley Memorial Foundation Display

This year’s  Display features the introduction of the  cars built at Derby by Rolls-Royce  the owners of the new Company named Bentley Motors [1931]Ltd.

The Eddie Hall Model



The Foundation is pleased to announce the arrival of the Model of the famous Eddie Hall car, B35AE.

The Model has a special history in the Bentley Story and, of course, the Eddie Hall story.

Further information on its history and provenance will be available shortly. Read more


The Foundation is making its first foray into the world of targeted fund raising with it's request for support to buy and restore the beautiful Eddie Hall Model of B35AE. Ideally we would like to be asking for support to acquire the actual car so that the two could sit together as they once did but for the time being we will settle for the £12,000 needed for the model. Many of you will know that we have acquired The Model and have started the restoration process.

Donating is easy, just contact Alan Bodfish at Wroxton - the contact details are at the bottom of the page - and he will take your details and your money. Any amount is highly valued whether it is £1 or the full amount. An alternative way of donating is to print off the gift aid form, fill it in if you are a UK taxpayer, and send that in with your donation, it is worth an extra 25 pence per pound donated. Just make sure you add "Eddie Hall Model" to the form to ensure it goes to the right cause.

Appeal for Donations

Your Help Needed!!

The Foundation is raising funds to restore the Eddie Hall Model "The 1936 model of racing Bentley, chassis B35AE" which is currently on display at Wroxton. The gift aid form for the model can be downloaded here.

Click here for more information.

Bentley – The Vintage Years

Third Edition - 2015

by Clare Hay

Published by Number One Press

The Vintage Years, in its two previous editions (1986 and 1997) has through the years become the recognised source for all with an interest in the Cricklewood Bentley.

The three volumes which make up Clare Hay’s new book, shown out of their individual slipcases.

Now, with the benefit of a further eighteen years research, Clare Hay has produced a superb update, three times the size. The set comprises Volume One, which covers the 3-litre and the 6½-litre, with the 4½-litre, 4½-litre Supercharged, 8-litre and 4-litre along with non-production cars and motor racing being covered in Volume Two. Volume Three is entirely taken up with hugely expanded, easily accessed, tables with, where available, more extensive ownership detail and known photograph references on individual chassis and also includes a section on motor show cars. 

Each volume comes in its own slipcase for easy handling and the price is £400 for the set, with postage extra. Please contact Alan Bodfish on 01295 738886 or to order your set.



  In pursuit of not only its educational obligations but also providing rich enjoyment to its readers the Foundation continues its publishing career. Following the last offering 'Battling Bentleys in Belgium' by Johnnie Winther, our publication No 6 is now available entitled 'EXP 5 - The story of the Bentley Boys and their Bentley', by Clare Hay.
Priced at £15 plus postage and packing, this book of 130 pages is copiously illustrated in both black and white and colour, and tells the story of the racing mechanics and their Bentley, Experimental  No 5, assembled out of racing specification parts which could be robbed in the event of a failure in the other cars.
Order your copy now from Club Shop as this fascinating book has only a limited print run.

"This book is a very worthwhile read for those who are interested in the "behind the scenes" activities(and pranks) of the people involved in getting the cars into shape and producing them on the day, in addition to that of the history of the car. It makes easy reading and will be an ideal Christmas present even for non enthusiasts of old cars." AGS.



Bentley Rotary Aero Engines

This important publication is now available. 

Click on the image of the cover for an order form



Following the success of some six previous books, the Foundation have planned a further publication in pursuit of their charitable aims of education and advancement of public knowledge. This latest initiative pursues an earlier monograph on the subject by Graham Mottram, Director of the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, who generously made it available for the Foundation to re-issue as Publication No. 3 in 2003.

Click here to read a write up on the Rotary Engine by Tom Dine.

Check out the website about the book


   The Foundation Publication No.5 "Battling Bentleys in Belgium" is now available in the Club Shop. Read more>

  £9.99 plus p&p.

  A pleasure to read as with all books by Johnnie Winther. His light style conveys the fun and disasters encountered when Bentley Drivers Club Members were let loose on the closed roads in Belgium in the 50s and 60s and early 70s and allowed to go as fast as they could. What is surprising are the speeds of some of the older cars.

Life Associate of the Foundation

We are now receiving requests to become a Life Associate at a greater rate as the initiative becomes more widely recognised.

The work of the Trustees and the Volunteers who so willingly give their time to help with the Archives, Museum, Library, and the many requests received for information needs support in the form of donations and bodies to do the work.

The Trustees thank you for your support.

A request from the Hon Archivist! - Archivists Wanted

Will Morrison, our extremely able and knowledgeable Hon Archivist, needs Volunteers. If you have some time to spare to enjoy yourself and indulge in the delights of the "dusty" archives at Wroxton in the company of like minded souls, why not contact Will Morrison or Alan Bodfish at Wroxton. They will give you dates and times for the fun!!

Lunch in the local pub is obligitory.

Click on the link above for details

The New Life Associate Badge




Life Associates will be receiving, or have already received the new bar mounted badge for their car.

Each badge is numbered and supplied according to the order the donations were made.

You will notice that the badge is distinctive and easily identified from a distance.


The W.O. Bentley Memorial Foundation 

Caring for the history of W.O. Bentley.

The Foundation is a Charitable Trust formed on 17th February 1998 .

Charity No. 1069179

The object of the Trust is “the advancement of public knowledge and appreciation of the Bentley Motorcar and its history by the establishment and maintenance of a Museum, Library and Archive for the preservation, exhibition and study of the Collection”.

The history is that of “W.O.”, the Man, the Engineer, and the Cars that bear his name.

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